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Kiss Monster Mini Golf

REVIEW: KISS by Monster Mini Golf blacklight attraction

Rock and Roll All Nite and Party Every Day Over the holidays this year I was on a business/vacation trip to Las Vegas, NV, which afforded me the opportunity to finally check-out KISS by Monster Mini Golf.  I say “finally” because I am an old-school fan of Kiss (the legendary rock band), and I’m also a big fan of blacklight mini golf.  The thought that someone had actually combined the two instantly piqued my interest.  The problem is that KBMM held its grand opening on March 15, 2012… Exactly 10 days after I moved away from Las Vegas for good. …

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Black Light Food – Frosting

We in the blacklight amusement industry typically love our black light toys… It’s a good day when we get to buy (or build) new UV reactive props, scenery, costumes, etc.  We take pride in having amazing-looking facilities that glow from top to bottom, but  most of us abandon our black light magic in an important area of our business: concessions.  Most blacklight amusement venues have decidedly non-glowing snack options.  Today we’re launching the first in an on-going series of posts that will highlight UV reactive food options that can turn your snack bar into a black light wonderland! Black Light …

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black lights for sale

Halloween Store Black Light Round-Up 2017

It’s that time of year again…  In many parts of the country the weather is getting a little bit colder, sunset starts earlier, the leaves on the trees are starting to change colors, and seasonal retail Halloween stores have appeared in nearly every mid to large city from coast to coast.  Being life-long fans of Halloween, we at Tiki Storm LLC love this time of year!  As children, my brother (Tiki Storm co-founder) Scott and I used to be avid home haunters, before the term even existed.  This was the beginning of the path that lead us to later open …

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Glowlight Visor

Glowlight Visor : Self-Lighting Blacklight Clothing

Let’s say you own a large blacklight attraction.  You spent all the time, money, and effort you could muster to make it the best themed blacklight attraction you could possibly create.  You thought of every detail, right down to having your employees wear custom-embroidered hats proudly featuring the logo of your attraction.  You have created a glowing world of fun, and every detail is perfect… Until one of your employees wanders into a blacklight “dead zone”.  No matter how hard you try to cover every inch of your blacklight attraction in brilliant UV light, there are always areas that are …

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Blacklight Mini-Golf Course

Blacklight Basics For Themed Attractions (Part 2)

In our previous blog post, “Blacklight Basics For Themed Attractions (Part 1)“, I discussed common blacklight terminology for use in amusement attractions and themed events.  In today’s post we will discuss common types of blacklights (lamps), and the best uses of each type within a blacklight themed attraction. Incandescent Blacklight This blacklight looks like an old-school incandescent light bulb, but with a dark coating surrounding the bulb.  This is the kind of blacklight bulb you might find in the Halloween section of a dollar store.  It is the original blacklight bulb.  Basically this bulb is a regular incandescent light bulb, …

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