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Blacklight Basics For Themed Attractions (Part 2)

In our previous blog post, “Blacklight Basics For Themed Attractions (Part 1)“, I discussed common blacklight terminology for use in amusement attractions and themed events.  In today’s post we will discuss common types of blacklights (lamps), and the best uses of each type within a blacklight themed attraction. Incandescent Blacklight This blacklight looks like an old-school incandescent light bulb, but with a dark coating surrounding the bulb.  This is the kind of blacklight bulb you might find in the Halloween section of a dollar store.  It is the original blacklight bulb.  Basically this bulb is a regular incandescent light bulb, …

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Blacklight tikis

Blacklight Basics For Themed Attractions (Part 1)

Welcome to our brand new Blacklight Amusement Blog!  We’re creating this blog as a resource for owners, creators, and enthusiasts of blacklight amusement attractions.  “Amusement attractions” in this case includes blacklight mini-golf courses, escape rooms, skating centers, bowling alleys, laser tag arenas, haunted attractions, and any blacklight entertainment venue.  As former owner/operators of a blacklight mini-golf course and a blacklight haunted attraction, we hope to fill this blog with useful information regarding the creation and use of UV reactive props, costumes, sets, and lighting effects.  We also hope to cover current events in blacklight amusement attractions, including spotlighting specific venues …

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